Friday, March 12, 2010

Which Horse is Right for Me?

When picking a horse, choosing the right one takes some consideration. Its great to want a pet but remember a horse is really big and can be dangerous to be around. If you are scared of horses , you should find a different pet. You have to be able to be in control of the horse at all times. One slip can mean certain disaster. If you are ready then the first choice is to match a horse with your ability to handle them. If you have no experience, consider an older animal that is well trained plus get someone that is familiar with horses to go with you to pick. A younger horse will have a lot to learn and will take patience and lots of it. You will have to build a trust and friendship with the animal you pick.

What kind of commitment do I expect?
Remember that a horse can live 30 years and sometimes longer.This might stretch into your retirement years. Are you ready to take on that responsibility? There is always the expense when they get older. A horse will need care even before their riding days are over. They still need exercise each day. The age of the horse that you pick is important. Don't ever consider sending your pet to slaughter, their one of the family.

What type of horse do I pick?
There are Arabians, Morgan, Quarter, Fox Trotters,etc. You will want one that suits your disposition. Do you want a spirited horse? I picked Arabian horses for myself. I also kept some quarter horses. The Arabians were smooth riding and very smart. The quarter was great working horses and riding. The multi-gait horses are beautiful in stride. You should study and be sure they fit your likes for the pleasure. When people say "pleasure horse", that is what they are. If you are unsure, try leasing a horse for a while. Try out many different horses to pick the best and one you can love and take care of.

The one thing to remember is the relationship can be very rewarding and enjoyable.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Are You Ready for a Horse as a Pet

Have you decided to get a horse for a pet?
It takes time energy and yes, money. You will need to evaluate all things involved before you make that commitment. There are many things to consider before bringing a horse into the family. Horses are great companions.

What costs will I have?
The costs of buying your horse is only the beginning. You will have to make a real commitment after you get the horse home. There is a lot of care involved in keeping your horse healthy. Below is a few things to consider for your new found pet.

Hoof trimming
You will need a farrier every 8 to 9 weeks to trim the hooves. A horse hooves grow very quick like fingernails, and to keep the trimmed means keeping the horse from getting lame or even death.any horses do very well without the shoes. Other horses will need to be shod. A farrier is a professional whose job is to access and to advise what is best for your horse. The shoes have to fit correctly or the horse will get tender feet and be uncomfortable. Some of the farriers in my area charge $45. to $75. to trim the hooves.

Living area
You will need a big area to keep your horse. They will need an area to roam. Horses can walk up to 20 miles a day. A small confines area can lead to behavioral and health problems. Horses are herd animals and like being with their own kind. If you can, it is wise to have at least two. I used to keep four horses and they were well behaved.
A well fenced area is necessary. When I lived in the south, almost everyone used rubber fence made from strips of tires. When stretched out, it looked really great and the horses did not try to get out. I don't like barbed wire because of the damage and vet bills that are involved. Smooth wire is also a good fence material. Most important is to provide a safe and healthy place for your horse(s).

Vet work
The one thing you have to be prepared for is getting a vet. Your horse will need routine care and supplies. A horse needs to have a couple check ups a year to look at dental and worming. Horses teeth grow their whole life. Just through normal feeding horses can get worms. You can tell by their hair getting rough looking. If you have to take your horse in, the boarding will be much more than your dog or cat.

The way you feed your horse will affect how healthy they are. Good feed is important. Some people are fortunate to have a large pasture for their animals but you must watch the horses closely to make sure they don't founder. When on a pasture, it is best for them to only feed a short time per day until they get accustom to the grass. They may never be able to stay on pasture. A good alfalfa hay and grain works wonders. DO NOT ever give a horse moldy hay. They will become very sick. Plus, your horse will need vitamins and supplements.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Benefits of Senior Adults Having a Pet

There are many benefits for a senior adult to owning a pet. Our pets dramatically enriches our lives, our physical health and our emotional well-being. Pets can help to relieve stress, prevent heart disease, help to stop loneliness and depression help to lower insurance costs and in general make people feel good. You might say that pets are just plain healthy.

Some of the benefits are;
1. Pets encourage happiness and laughter. Have you ever watched a cat play with catnip?
2. Older adults go to the doctor less when they have a dog and find relieving stress easier. Having to feed and caring for a pet is good therapy.
3. Pets will give you that closeness and the feeling of being loved unconditionally and the feeling of touching and being touched without any judgmental warmth and affection.
4. People feel more like having a social interaction when they own a pet. It decreases the feeling of isolation and depression.
Senior adults find it easier to start a conversation with people they don't know when they have a pet with them. It makes them feel comfortable and at ease.

Pets aren't just for older people, they have the same effect on most people no matter what their age. People with tempers find that a dog can calm them down and help them to find peace. A pet can help you to relax and makes it easy to talk to someone else that loves pets. Relieves the tension and stress in your life.

Loving and caring for a pet can help a person that is self centered to think about something else and experience a genuine feeling for another creature. That person can find direction and a general purpose in life that they can't find in themselves. Pets are a fantastic comfort in times of grief and loss. You can take your dog out for a walk and get the exercise you need plus the therapy of a pet that doesn't judge, doesn't bring up sad things, whose only thought is to please their master. A child can learn a lot from caring for a pet . Responsibility, affection, an unconditional friendship, and a great playmate.

Pets have been used in hospitals and prisons to help people adjust and become comfortable with the surroundings they are in.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Should I Get a Bird for a Pet

There are many things to consider when you are looking at a bird as a pet. What would be the best bird to get? This is really a good question as there are different birds to choose from.
1. Would a parrot make a good pet.
If you are considering a parrot remember it is a lifetime commitment. Parrots can live for 50 years. They will make lots of noise at times. They adopt you to a certain extent. A parrot will become upset when the circumstances change around them. A good example is of a man that bought a parrot and they became companions. The man had never been married but after about 8 years, he fell in love with a woman married her and brought her home with him. Well you guessed it, the new wife was not familiar to the bird and the bird was as uncomfortable as the wife was. The parrot started to squawking at all times and would go wild around her. The man quickly took the bird away to a organization that adopted unwanted birds out. The parrot was lucky to be adopted by a couple that really cared for him.
2. What about a small bird?
They are easier to take care of. A parakeet is a good choice and most are small. They still have to have a lot of care. The cage must be cleaned. They love to bathe and need to fly. You still have the same commitment because it is dramatic to get the bird and keep it for a couple years and then decide you don't want it. I had a parakeet and he was a friendly bird. He would fly and sit on my shoulder. I could put him on the electric train and he would ride it for the longest time. Parakeets make good pets but you have to spend time with the.

Whether you choose a small or large bird, the care remains the same. You need to have an area that the birds can fly to keep their wing muscles in good condition and maintain good health. When a bird gets distressed they will pull their feathers out or sit around and pout like a child. They will not respond to you and they might start biting. Their cage needs to be big enough for them to hop around on perches and to fly from one perch to another. They need to be cleaned regularly. They will need cuddle bone to sharpen their beaks, some toys, bird seed and again water for drinking and bathing. All in all the parrot family makes good pets and will learn to talk.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pet Hazards Around the House

There are many health hazards around you. You pet should only eat foods and treats that are formulated for each particular animal. Some of the foods and drinks we have around the house will make your pet sick. Some of the items are;
1.Onions or garlic
2.Caffeine based drinks like coffee or tea.
3.Alcoholic drinks
4.Chocolate of any kind.
5.Cooked chicken or turkey bones. Only raw bones are o.k. For pets.
6.Any human medications
7.Grease from when you are cooking or drippings.
8.Salts and sugars
9.Raw yeasty doughs
10.Some fruits such as raisins or grapes.
11.Different kinds nuts. Pistachio, macadamia, etc.

Many other things around the house are poisonous or will make you pet ill. Antifreeze is almost certain death, poison rodent baits, fertilizers for grass and plants., batteries of all kinds., cigarettes , cigars, and other tobacco products., cleaners that you use around the house., bug spray and insect repellents., house plants like philodendron

Other things that are dangerous are, electric cords that animals can chew on, candles that are lit,or sharp objects. Be sure to look around the house and make it safe for your pet. Should your pet get into poison, you can go to animal poisons .

When you travel, don't leave your pet in a hot car. They can get overheated.
Don't let them ride in the back of a truck. They can jump out or get thrown out. Animals don't understand speeding cars, trains, or other vicious animals. For the best outcome, protect your pet at all times.

Give your pets treats for being good.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Picking a Cat as a Pet

There are many things to consider when getting a cat. What is the best size to get? Should you get a kitten or a full grown cat. If you have young children, a kitten isn't the best choice.
Do you have the funds needed to take care of a cat. Remember there are vet bills for spay, neutering, feed, and litter. There are toys and treats to buy. Cats are social and affectionate animals no matter how it seems. They love to be around people

Some of the things to consider when getting a cat is;
1.Cats are very clean pets. If you leave the litter box dirty and smelly, they will find a clean place to go, behind the couch, in the bedroom, or maybe behind the curtains. You must keep the litter box clean and fresh.
2.All cats have different personalities. Some love to be picked up and loved on. Others prefer not to be picked up and will make it plain as such. Will you be able to fit this pet into you life.
3.Cats live a long life, about 15 years. Are you ready for that commitment? Can you give your cat that attention it needs.
4.Will you keep your cat inside. Many places will not let you have a cat and keep it outside. Outside cats don't live as long and are not as healthy as inside cats.
5.Do you have the room? Cats need room to play and toys to play with. You will need a scratching post. Your cat needs to scratch on something and it will find just that whether it be that $1500 couch or that $300 end table leg but rest assured, it will scratch. There are other products you can find at a pet supply store

There are many places to get a cat or a kitten. Make sure it is healthy before you make the choice.
You will make sure you are willing to accept the responsibility of the care and feeding of a finicky pet some times. They will shed, so make sure you are ready for that and can manage the shedding.

All in all. Cats can be a great companion and very comforting for many people including people with handicaps. A cat has a soothing purr that is very therapeutic.

You will need to go to and get pet supplies before you bring your new cat home. Be prepared.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Picking the right dog

If you have decided to get a dog, here are some things to consider.
1. Do I have the time to give my new dog the love and attention they should have.
2. Am I able to pay for the proper food and health care they might need.
3. Dogs like to be with people and do better if they can come inside. Am I ready?
4. Am I ready for the stress of the fact, this little bit of fur is not a person.
5. Will I be able to spend time with my new dog, exercise and help them cope with other dogs, animals, and people.

Do I want a puppy?
Having a puppy means almost constant care until they are trained. You need to teach them many things but most puppies learn quickly with the proper training. You can find that training in many books or here from my site at pet supplies . If you live in a small area the size of puppy will make a difference. Plan ahead for a puppy to grow up and be prepared to help your dog get along in its surroundings. Such as children, people, traffic, other pets and day to day unusual activities.

Pet Tips

When you get your new pet, you will want to take really great care of them. Feeding your pet is the first thing you will need to address. The right diet will govern how healthy your pet will be plus what life span they will have. When you pick a pet food, don't buy the cheapest without looking at the ingredients. Look for "inert ingredients" or fillers. Also look for anything that is a harmful mineral as it can shorten your pets life. Finding the right food for dogs and cats is the hardest because there are so many companies that will make a cheap product at your expense. Its all for greed and not for the well being of your pet.

If you have a new bird, or getting a new bird, they require room to move around freely, be able to bath, have a good perch, a good feed tray, and cuddle bone for their beaks. The size of the cage is very important. You will need to be ready to take them out of the cage to give them a little freedom. When you pick the seed you feed them, make sure it is the correct type and not just a mix of wild seeds.

If your new pet is fish, you will need the right tank with the type of water, salt or fresh. Be sure to know your fish before you buy. my daughter bought several fish and was assured they were compatible. She came home and found she only had one big fish left. It had eaten all the others while she was gone. If the fish bear their young live, you need a small structure the babies can get in for protection from the other fish. Nothing is more disheartening than coming home to an empty tank with one big fish left.

Horses make good pets but are harder to train because of size. When raising horses, you will need a lot of room with fencing. There are things to remember about horses. Number one, you need to be careful what they eat and how much. It is easy to founder a horse. Their hooves will grow long fast and their necks will get thick. They will have trouble walking. I have seen horses stand in the same place because they were foundered until they have eaten all the grass and have to move.

There are many kinds of pets and the best way is to get help when purchasing them so you can do your best.Go to pet supplies

for how to books on pet care.

If you have bought your new pet and are having trouble finding the right feeds, contact me at and give me the particulars of your pet such as age, type pet, weight, and I will get the information you are looking and email to you.