Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pet Hazards Around the House

There are many health hazards around you. You pet should only eat foods and treats that are formulated for each particular animal. Some of the foods and drinks we have around the house will make your pet sick. Some of the items are;
1.Onions or garlic
2.Caffeine based drinks like coffee or tea.
3.Alcoholic drinks
4.Chocolate of any kind.
5.Cooked chicken or turkey bones. Only raw bones are o.k. For pets.
6.Any human medications
7.Grease from when you are cooking or drippings.
8.Salts and sugars
9.Raw yeasty doughs
10.Some fruits such as raisins or grapes.
11.Different kinds nuts. Pistachio, macadamia, etc.

Many other things around the house are poisonous or will make you pet ill. Antifreeze is almost certain death, poison rodent baits, fertilizers for grass and plants., batteries of all kinds., cigarettes , cigars, and other tobacco products., cleaners that you use around the house., bug spray and insect repellents., house plants like philodendron

Other things that are dangerous are, electric cords that animals can chew on, candles that are lit,or sharp objects. Be sure to look around the house and make it safe for your pet. Should your pet get into poison, you can go to animal poisons .

When you travel, don't leave your pet in a hot car. They can get overheated.
Don't let them ride in the back of a truck. They can jump out or get thrown out. Animals don't understand speeding cars, trains, or other vicious animals. For the best outcome, protect your pet at all times.

Give your pets treats for being good.

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