Friday, March 12, 2010

Which Horse is Right for Me?

When picking a horse, choosing the right one takes some consideration. Its great to want a pet but remember a horse is really big and can be dangerous to be around. If you are scared of horses , you should find a different pet. You have to be able to be in control of the horse at all times. One slip can mean certain disaster. If you are ready then the first choice is to match a horse with your ability to handle them. If you have no experience, consider an older animal that is well trained plus get someone that is familiar with horses to go with you to pick. A younger horse will have a lot to learn and will take patience and lots of it. You will have to build a trust and friendship with the animal you pick.

What kind of commitment do I expect?
Remember that a horse can live 30 years and sometimes longer.This might stretch into your retirement years. Are you ready to take on that responsibility? There is always the expense when they get older. A horse will need care even before their riding days are over. They still need exercise each day. The age of the horse that you pick is important. Don't ever consider sending your pet to slaughter, their one of the family.

What type of horse do I pick?
There are Arabians, Morgan, Quarter, Fox Trotters,etc. You will want one that suits your disposition. Do you want a spirited horse? I picked Arabian horses for myself. I also kept some quarter horses. The Arabians were smooth riding and very smart. The quarter was great working horses and riding. The multi-gait horses are beautiful in stride. You should study and be sure they fit your likes for the pleasure. When people say "pleasure horse", that is what they are. If you are unsure, try leasing a horse for a while. Try out many different horses to pick the best and one you can love and take care of.

The one thing to remember is the relationship can be very rewarding and enjoyable.


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