Monday, March 1, 2010

Pet Tips

When you get your new pet, you will want to take really great care of them. Feeding your pet is the first thing you will need to address. The right diet will govern how healthy your pet will be plus what life span they will have. When you pick a pet food, don't buy the cheapest without looking at the ingredients. Look for "inert ingredients" or fillers. Also look for anything that is a harmful mineral as it can shorten your pets life. Finding the right food for dogs and cats is the hardest because there are so many companies that will make a cheap product at your expense. Its all for greed and not for the well being of your pet.

If you have a new bird, or getting a new bird, they require room to move around freely, be able to bath, have a good perch, a good feed tray, and cuddle bone for their beaks. The size of the cage is very important. You will need to be ready to take them out of the cage to give them a little freedom. When you pick the seed you feed them, make sure it is the correct type and not just a mix of wild seeds.

If your new pet is fish, you will need the right tank with the type of water, salt or fresh. Be sure to know your fish before you buy. my daughter bought several fish and was assured they were compatible. She came home and found she only had one big fish left. It had eaten all the others while she was gone. If the fish bear their young live, you need a small structure the babies can get in for protection from the other fish. Nothing is more disheartening than coming home to an empty tank with one big fish left.

Horses make good pets but are harder to train because of size. When raising horses, you will need a lot of room with fencing. There are things to remember about horses. Number one, you need to be careful what they eat and how much. It is easy to founder a horse. Their hooves will grow long fast and their necks will get thick. They will have trouble walking. I have seen horses stand in the same place because they were foundered until they have eaten all the grass and have to move.

There are many kinds of pets and the best way is to get help when purchasing them so you can do your best.Go to pet supplies

for how to books on pet care.

If you have bought your new pet and are having trouble finding the right feeds, contact me at and give me the particulars of your pet such as age, type pet, weight, and I will get the information you are looking and email to you.

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