Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Picking a Cat as a Pet

There are many things to consider when getting a cat. What is the best size to get? Should you get a kitten or a full grown cat. If you have young children, a kitten isn't the best choice.
Do you have the funds needed to take care of a cat. Remember there are vet bills for spay, neutering, feed, and litter. There are toys and treats to buy. Cats are social and affectionate animals no matter how it seems. They love to be around people

Some of the things to consider when getting a cat is;
1.Cats are very clean pets. If you leave the litter box dirty and smelly, they will find a clean place to go, behind the couch, in the bedroom, or maybe behind the curtains. You must keep the litter box clean and fresh.
2.All cats have different personalities. Some love to be picked up and loved on. Others prefer not to be picked up and will make it plain as such. Will you be able to fit this pet into you life.
3.Cats live a long life, about 15 years. Are you ready for that commitment? Can you give your cat that attention it needs.
4.Will you keep your cat inside. Many places will not let you have a cat and keep it outside. Outside cats don't live as long and are not as healthy as inside cats.
5.Do you have the room? Cats need room to play and toys to play with. You will need a scratching post. Your cat needs to scratch on something and it will find just that whether it be that $1500 couch or that $300 end table leg but rest assured, it will scratch. There are other products you can find at a pet supply store

There are many places to get a cat or a kitten. Make sure it is healthy before you make the choice.
You will make sure you are willing to accept the responsibility of the care and feeding of a finicky pet some times. They will shed, so make sure you are ready for that and can manage the shedding.

All in all. Cats can be a great companion and very comforting for many people including people with handicaps. A cat has a soothing purr that is very therapeutic.

You will need to go to and get pet supplies before you bring your new cat home. Be prepared.

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