Saturday, March 6, 2010

Should I Get a Bird for a Pet

There are many things to consider when you are looking at a bird as a pet. What would be the best bird to get? This is really a good question as there are different birds to choose from.
1. Would a parrot make a good pet.
If you are considering a parrot remember it is a lifetime commitment. Parrots can live for 50 years. They will make lots of noise at times. They adopt you to a certain extent. A parrot will become upset when the circumstances change around them. A good example is of a man that bought a parrot and they became companions. The man had never been married but after about 8 years, he fell in love with a woman married her and brought her home with him. Well you guessed it, the new wife was not familiar to the bird and the bird was as uncomfortable as the wife was. The parrot started to squawking at all times and would go wild around her. The man quickly took the bird away to a organization that adopted unwanted birds out. The parrot was lucky to be adopted by a couple that really cared for him.
2. What about a small bird?
They are easier to take care of. A parakeet is a good choice and most are small. They still have to have a lot of care. The cage must be cleaned. They love to bathe and need to fly. You still have the same commitment because it is dramatic to get the bird and keep it for a couple years and then decide you don't want it. I had a parakeet and he was a friendly bird. He would fly and sit on my shoulder. I could put him on the electric train and he would ride it for the longest time. Parakeets make good pets but you have to spend time with the.

Whether you choose a small or large bird, the care remains the same. You need to have an area that the birds can fly to keep their wing muscles in good condition and maintain good health. When a bird gets distressed they will pull their feathers out or sit around and pout like a child. They will not respond to you and they might start biting. Their cage needs to be big enough for them to hop around on perches and to fly from one perch to another. They need to be cleaned regularly. They will need cuddle bone to sharpen their beaks, some toys, bird seed and again water for drinking and bathing. All in all the parrot family makes good pets and will learn to talk.

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