Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Are You Ready for a Horse as a Pet

Have you decided to get a horse for a pet?
It takes time energy and yes, money. You will need to evaluate all things involved before you make that commitment. There are many things to consider before bringing a horse into the family. Horses are great companions.

What costs will I have?
The costs of buying your horse is only the beginning. You will have to make a real commitment after you get the horse home. There is a lot of care involved in keeping your horse healthy. Below is a few things to consider for your new found pet.

Hoof trimming
You will need a farrier every 8 to 9 weeks to trim the hooves. A horse hooves grow very quick like fingernails, and to keep the trimmed means keeping the horse from getting lame or even death.any horses do very well without the shoes. Other horses will need to be shod. A farrier is a professional whose job is to access and to advise what is best for your horse. The shoes have to fit correctly or the horse will get tender feet and be uncomfortable. Some of the farriers in my area charge $45. to $75. to trim the hooves.

Living area
You will need a big area to keep your horse. They will need an area to roam. Horses can walk up to 20 miles a day. A small confines area can lead to behavioral and health problems. Horses are herd animals and like being with their own kind. If you can, it is wise to have at least two. I used to keep four horses and they were well behaved.
A well fenced area is necessary. When I lived in the south, almost everyone used rubber fence made from strips of tires. When stretched out, it looked really great and the horses did not try to get out. I don't like barbed wire because of the damage and vet bills that are involved. Smooth wire is also a good fence material. Most important is to provide a safe and healthy place for your horse(s).

Vet work
The one thing you have to be prepared for is getting a vet. Your horse will need routine care and supplies. A horse needs to have a couple check ups a year to look at dental and worming. Horses teeth grow their whole life. Just through normal feeding horses can get worms. You can tell by their hair getting rough looking. If you have to take your horse in, the boarding will be much more than your dog or cat.

The way you feed your horse will affect how healthy they are. Good feed is important. Some people are fortunate to have a large pasture for their animals but you must watch the horses closely to make sure they don't founder. When on a pasture, it is best for them to only feed a short time per day until they get accustom to the grass. They may never be able to stay on pasture. A good alfalfa hay and grain works wonders. DO NOT ever give a horse moldy hay. They will become very sick. Plus, your horse will need vitamins and supplements.

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