Monday, March 1, 2010

Picking the right dog

If you have decided to get a dog, here are some things to consider.
1. Do I have the time to give my new dog the love and attention they should have.
2. Am I able to pay for the proper food and health care they might need.
3. Dogs like to be with people and do better if they can come inside. Am I ready?
4. Am I ready for the stress of the fact, this little bit of fur is not a person.
5. Will I be able to spend time with my new dog, exercise and help them cope with other dogs, animals, and people.

Do I want a puppy?
Having a puppy means almost constant care until they are trained. You need to teach them many things but most puppies learn quickly with the proper training. You can find that training in many books or here from my site at pet supplies . If you live in a small area the size of puppy will make a difference. Plan ahead for a puppy to grow up and be prepared to help your dog get along in its surroundings. Such as children, people, traffic, other pets and day to day unusual activities.

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